to the website of Seven Reasons, a recruitment and consulting firm. Our goal is to help corporate clients as well as clients from middle-sized and small companies with both strategic and partial decisions in the all important HR field. Our services range from executive search and recruitment, to personnel, management or procedural audits and analyses, to consultancy on how to retain the best talents and teams. Furthermore, we offer our services to managers or to those who feel they have managerial potential; we are here to help them achieve their professional goals without jeopardizing their personnel goals.

7 reasons why to choose us

We are not the largest firm in the market, and we don’t want to become one. We just want to be the best firm for you, our clients, which is why we rely on our consultants and their persistence, why we place so much importance on communication with you, why we offer a wide range of flexible, high-quality services, and why we constantly strive for perfection.

Client support in human resources

The world economy is global, which means that any changes anywhere in the world are almost immediately felt by companies in Middle and Eastern Europe, the region, where we operate. And such changes have considerable impact on human resources, too. That’s why a detailed and well-implemented strategy of recruitment, retention and development of the best managers, experts and well-adjusted teams is more and more important, not to mention cost-effective. We are here to offer you our services, so you can get a head start, be pro-active and get ready for the changes before they come. Our strength lies especially in executive search; we focus on direct and targeted search for managers and specialists, those, who hold crucial positions in today’s competitive markets.

Support of professional goals for managers

Our services for job candidates include solutions for particular problems and needs related to your professional career and workplace relationships. We offer both short-term and long-term help to advance your career, including mentoring and coaching.